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Welcome to the official website of Centre for Accountability and the Rule of Law (CARL-SL). CARL is an independent, not-for-profit organization that seeks to promote a just society for all persons in Sierra Leone, through monitoring institutions of accountability, outreach and advocacy for institutional transparency, capacity building and empowerment of citizens.CARL has its origin in the Special Court Monitoring Group (SCMG), which was established in May 2004 as a partnership project of the International Centre for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) and the Coalition for Justice and Accountability (COJA) to exclusively monitor and produce objective reporting on proceedings before the Court for both local and international community.




Michel Desaedeleer, businessman of dual citizenship (Belgian and American) died yesterday in prison in Belgium. He was arrested in August 2015 based on allegations that he had committed the war crimes of inhuman and degrading treatment and pillage as well as the crime against humanity of enslavement through his participation in the "blood diamond" trade in Sierra Leone. Desaedeleer allegedly engaged in trade with former Liberian President Charles Taylor and the rebel group RUF (Revolutionary United Front) in Sierra Leone.

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The SLP versus SLPP: Unfair Targeting or Lawlessness? A Report on the Recent Violent Clashes between the SLP and the SLPP

On April 27 2016, the Centre for Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL) followed media reports on clashes between the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) and supporters of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) in Freetown. In addition...

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RE: Passage of “Safe Abortion Act” bill

RE: Passage of “Safe Abortion Act” bill

Dear Mr. President, We, the undersigned organizations, write today to urge you to sign into law the “Safe Abortion Act 2015,” recently overwhelmingly passed by the Parliament, which will increase women and girls’ access to safe and legal abortion. By signing this bill, you would be taking a crucial step toward protecting women and girls’ right to health in Sierra Leone.

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